Video analysis is used to identify movement abnormalities which may contribute to your foot problems. Our podiatrists use high speed video camera’s, coupled with a computer movement analysis application to analyse your foot and lower body function during walking and running.

What’s involved in a video analysis?

Once our podiatrists have discussed your condition and performed a preliminary assessment of your condition they will then conduct a video analysis. The video analysis involves capturing a number of video’s from different angles of you walking and if relevant running on a treadmill. Other variables may also be assessed such as with and without shoes and wearing existing orthotics. Once the video’s have been captured we run them through a movement analysis application where the podiatrist is then able to slow down the footage to better assess and measure various factors that may be impacting on your gait. The podiatrist will then take you through the video analysis and explain to you what is happening and how it relates to your condition and the other clinical findings that have been already been identified. A treatment plan can then be developed to assist in correcting movement abnormalities, this may include:

  1. Footwear changes.
  2. Orthotic therapy to correct abnormal foot movements such as flat feet, pronation (rolling in), supination (rolling out), in-toeing
  3. Recommendation of specific exercises and physical therapies to correct muscle length, strength and stability issues
Video Analysis Adelaide