Ingrown toenail surgery is a treatment option available for recurrent and painful ingrown toenails. It is a minor procedure performed ‘in rooms’ under sterile conditions with the use of local anaesthetic. 

There are two main options for ingrown toenail surgery available at Tripod Podiatry:

  1. Remove the offending nail edge (partial nail avulsion)
  2. Remove the entire nail (total nail avulsion)
Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Typically after removal of the offending nail a chemical technique called phenolisation is used to prevent it regrowing.

The Procedure

  1. Local anaesthetic injected into either side of the toe to numb it making the procedure relatively painless
  2. A tourniquet applied to the toe
  3. Cutting the nail edge back to the matrix using special instruments and removing it
  4. Phenolisation – applying the chemical Phenol to sterilise/cauterise the nail matrix, to prevent regrowth of the problematic toenail area
  5. Dressing of the nail, to be kept dry and allow healing
  6. Post surgical management may include regular salt water baths and redressing
  7. A complimentary surgery review is performed 1-2 weeks post-operatively to assess the progress.

Benefits of Ingrown Toenail Surgery

  • Instant relief of ingrown toenail pain
  • Generally minimal time off feet
  • Typically healed within 2 weeks
  • Low chance of future attacks
  • Relatively safe with minimal risk of infection, phenol burns, bleeding and nail regrowth being the main complications our Podiatrists take care to avoid

Ingrown Toenail Surgery may not be performed when:

  • The ingrown toenail is severely infected (a course of antibiotics from your General Practitioner and more conservative podiatry treatment may be recommended prior to surgery in such cases)
  • Inadequate foot circulation or sensation, typical in the moderate to high risk diabetic foot
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Known adverse reactions to local anaesthetics
  • Clients with a history of delayed wound healing
  • Other coexisting medical conditions may also prevent surgery from being performed

Ingrown Toenail Surgery is a fantastic, easy option to solve painful, irritating ingrown toenails.  You can book an appointment to have your Ingrown Toenail assessed for surgery online or call (08) 8234 8666 for more information.