Custom Foot Orthotics

Our partners at My FootDr provide custom foot orthotics that are designed specifically to support your foot’s natural shape. Podiatrists can prescribe foot orthotics to help treat a range of different conditions that are caused by foot alignment. By using the latest computerised scanning technology to take a 3D scan of our patient’s feet, podiatrists are able to not only keep a digitised record of your foot alignment but also prescribe a product that is precise and accurate to your individual needs. Your podiatrist can prescribe soft foot orthotics or 3D-printed hard plastic shells depending on your needs.

Benefits of My FootDr custom orthotics:

  • Help alleviate and prevent foot, ankle and knee pain
  • Eliminates lower back pain from leg length discrepancies
  • Improves sport injuries, posture and balance
  • Treats the symptoms of flat feet
  • Reduces the risk of bunions
  • Helps relieve plantar fasciitis pain and treat symptoms 
  • Helps child foot development to a more neutral or anatomically alignment
  • Customised to fit different types of shoes
  • More durable than regular orthotics and can last for over five years 
  • Computerised foot scan records can be used to fit additional orthotics pairs at a reduced cost

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